5 Ways to Change Your Attitude

Sometimes life is just blah for me. It could be because I’m waiting for something that I hope will happen, it could be difficult circumstances, or it could be for no particular reason. Whatever the case, here are 5 ideas I use when the doldrums hit.

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1. Ballroom dancing

I’ve never been much of a nightclub girl, largely because the best I can manage is a clumsy two step which is not so sexy. A few years back when I had recently been promoted and had a little extra cash, I decided to try ballroom dancing. What began as crossing something off my bucket list became an obsession and I find there is nothing better to shake off the blues or a sense of frustration than to get out on the dance floor and salsa. An added bonus? My husband learned with me so we can practice at home – much to our downstairs neighbor’s chagrin.

2. Prayer

Sometimes what I really need is to take the focus off me for a while. I find I can get in a rut of “poor me, this didn’t work out” and the best way to take the attention off me is to pray. It doesn’t immediately fix the problem, but it fixes my constant focus on it which is usually the underlying issue anyway.

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3. Planning a quirky outing

Been to a civil war reenactment? Check. Gone apple picking? Check. Gone whale watching? Check. Instead of sticking to the usual ideas for getting out and about, I find that planning something that catches my interest and teaches me something new is a great way to get out of a slump. For instance, I learned how not to pick an apple only after I had shaken a half dozen of them down onto my husband’s head.

4. Starting a new project

Though many people go the artsy route and find inspiration on Pinterest for projects, I personally love crocheting something. If you’re like me, crocheting also provides the added bonus of stopping to untangle your yarn halfway through while muttering emphatically about its quality.

5. Reading a book

Maybe this one is a bit cliché, but sometimes it helps to escape into another world. After spending 2 hours with Harry Potter, my life isn’t looking too bad, though I wish I had his wand!

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