Today is the Day to Lose Negative Attitudes


I must have got up on the wrong side of the bed today. My day started bad and went downhill from there.

Here are a few of the ‘wrongs’ that I was feeling:

  • I just knew all my recent decisions were wrong
  • My hair looked horrible – I just could not get it to behave
  • I was not feeling loved – people just hang around me because they need something
  • I was heading off to work for yet another day of no respect
  • I was fat, ugly and I had no shoes to wear

So you see my day was horrible. You can surely understand why I was griping and whining.


Worms are those insistent negative thoughts that keep trying to wiggle their way into our minds. And I was on a very unhealthy mental diet of them.

Is your diet filled with worms? They are easy to identify. You don’t even need to read one of those difficult nutrition charts to find them.

Here are a few clues to help you determine your daily intake of worms:

  • Worms almost always start with the word “I”, and if they don’t they will contain the words “my”, “mine” or “me”.
  • They are only interested in self.
  • Worms are never positive although they do not mind hearing positive self-interested comments from others in response to their negative comments. (“I look ugly.” “No, you don’t. You are beautiful.”)
  • Worms want to be heard. They look for people to talk with to help spread their negativity.
  • Worms would rather be alone to sulk than to be with someone who has a positive attitude.

As soon as I determined that I was on a worm-filled diet I decided to make some changes. It is really quite simple to rid yourself of those slippery, devious worms.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Say WORMS as loud as you can. It will make you laugh and start your attitude change.
  • Get away from anyone who is passing out worms – stay away from negative influences.
  • Make a point of praising someone
  • Find someone who needs some help – and help them
  • Compliment another person to a third party Be open and loving Be cooperative
  • How has your mental diet been today? Was it filled with self-interested negativity, those worms? Or were you on a healthy positive diet?

When circumstances are somewhat “normal”, you are in complete control of the joy within your day. Even when there are unexpected circumstances you are in control of your reactions or responses.

If you find yourself having an awful day, if you just feel as if you woke up on the wrong side of the bed, take a moment to look at the clues listed above and see if you are on a bad mental diet.

If you find that you are being unduly negative say WORMS and then change your perspective. Start right now. The people who love you are waiting…….

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