Four Simple Ways to Overcome Depression

“I enjoy every day, because I choose to.” – Tony Clark

Are you tired of feeling down on yourself? Are you ready to get up and make some changes? Events happen in our life that can knock us smack-dab on our feet. Death, loss of job, divorce, relational problems, medical illness, or any life-altering event can cause depression. Cheer up! Don’t lose hope! There are ways to get your life back on your feet.

Connect with others

Most counselors say that receiving physical touch can lessen the chances of getting depressed. Counselors also recommend getting at least seven hugs a day. You can connect with others by joining a church, book club, group for cat lovers, or even a band; whatever it takes for you to be around others is key. You can go out with friends to the movies, mall, or bowling. Let your inner social butterfly soar. Staying isolated will keep you in your depressive state, so make a conscious decision to reach out instead of in.

Laugh more

Whether you are watching romantic comedies or hanging out with your nieces and nephews, finding a way to tickle your funny bone will help you feel more alive. Go out to a comedy club or see an improved show. Stay at home and rent a cheesy romantic comedy or a good Adam Sandler flick. If all else fails, you can YouTube funny animals and that will guarantee a good laugh.

Move your body

Keeping your body in motion can help you from entering a slumbering state. You can join a gym, a running club, sign up to run a 5k. The Color Run is the new big thing; while you run, paint is being splattered all over you. The smiles of the runners who are covered in paint simply show how a fun activity can alter someone’s mood. If you prefer less activity, you can join yoga or pilates. Get up and start moving.

Set small goals

You can increase your happiness by achieving small aims. Setting small instead of large goals is more attainable. If you are on a weight loss program and would like to lose 50 pounds, it is smart to break down how you will achieve this with smaller objectives. In the beginning, you plan to cut out sweets for an entire week. The next week, you will build onto that and add exercise. It is a process. It is important to take things slow and appreciate the small steps. You will have great appreciation when you accomplish your overall goal.

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