The Discriminated Child of the Family

I am always being teased by my elder brother, cousins and friends for having middle child syndrome. When I grew up and became capable to surf online, I decided to do some research regarding the syndrome. After making some effort, I discovered that the middle child is the one who is born between the oldest and the youngest. Middle child syndrome starts when the middle child finds himself cuddled between the two.

Discriminated Child

The oldest child is loved by the parents because he is their first baby and the youngest is everyone’s favorite as he is the baby of the family. In this situation, the middle one does not really find any special place in the family. Thus, he becomes depressed, jealous, and even violent and unfriendly. The middle child is usually observed to be more arrogant than the other two children.

Autism in the Family Life Cycle

It is observed that if the middle child of the family is capable enough to do something himself, but just to grasp his parents’ attention, he will again and again ask for their help. They are unable to set up their own goals and try hard to achieve the goals set by their parents just to make room in their hearts. The middle child syndrome can be categorized in two extreme behaviors. A kind of syndrome in which the child shows aggression and anger on the other side the child tends to be lonely, silent and a bit weird.

Now the possible causes of middle child syndrome are clear that is the favoritism with the oldest and youngest child of the family, the extraordinary connection of parents with the first and last children and lack of attention on the middle child. The middle child finds himself unfit in the family photo and starts thinking where he actually belongs and what are his rights in the family. It is not as though the parents do not love or support the middle child, but it’s a truth that the attention that oldest and youngest one gets is far more than the middle one.

So the question now is that what is the solution to get the kid out of this syndrome? The possible solution may be is to talk to the child when the parents observe any of the symptoms of the syndrome. Don’t pamper him more than necessary as it will cause more damage to him and will make him feel even more redundant. The best way to tackle this situation is to treat all the children same. This will not push the child into any kind of trauma.

If the parenting atmosphere is adequate, there is very little chance that the child will be attacked by the syndrome. Parents just need to do their best to keep up the equality among the children.

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