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Self Improvement Through Self Help Techniques

Sunday, September 5th, 2021

Different people have different ways to deal with things. There are people that choose to indulge in the occasional drink after a long day at work. There are others that engage in relaxing activities, like meditation and yoga. These approaches involve using the power of your mind to get through your daily life.

Self Improvement

Another method to consider is humor. Laughing is always the best to fix whatever troubles that you are going through. It is a natural way to raise your spirits. Endorphines are released, which is your body’s chemical stimulants, and this chemical increase allows you to adjust your mood without hardly any effort.

Laughter can help you see things from an entirely different view. What may have previously appeared as negative and depression can be changed to something that does not really seem all that bad. Again, the raises in chemicals have raised your mood, thereby changing your way of thinking.

Courage is another aspect that can change how you think of yourself. If you lack courage, you do not have the confidence that you need to get through the simplest of challenges. Without courage, you lack the ability to understand where your life is going, and you will not be able to change the things that you are not happy with. Your happiness is vital, not just to your professional and home lives, but to you overall health. You will find that a lack of courage can often lead you down the path to depression.

Finally, appreciate what you have, and do not wish for things that are beyond your reach. You have worked hard in your life to get to the point where you are now. Being greedy and longing for more is not healthy, and you take the chance of losing everything that you have worked for so far. If you keep going at the pace that you are going now, you can achieve the goals that you have set for yourself. If you try to go beyond that without hitting those other goals, you are taking too much of a chance and putting yourself through way too much stress.

For those people who find solace and inspiration in religion, it is wise to renew your faith efforts. For those who are more atheist, or don’t regularly practice your religion, there are other ways that you can draw inspirations that will help you in your efforts to improve yourself. Either way, you are only limited by your own creative limitations.

5 Ways to Change Your Attitude

Thursday, August 26th, 2021

Sometimes life is just blah for me. It could be because I’m waiting for something that I hope will happen, it could be difficult circumstances, or it could be for no particular reason. Whatever the case, here are 5 ideas I use when the doldrums hit.

clear your mind

1. Ballroom dancing

I’ve never been much of a nightclub girl, largely because the best I can manage is a clumsy two step which is not so sexy. A few years back when I had recently been promoted and had a little extra cash, I decided to try ballroom dancing. What began as crossing something off my bucket list became an obsession and I find there is nothing better to shake off the blues or a sense of frustration than to get out on the dance floor and salsa. An added bonus? My husband learned with me so we can practice at home – much to our downstairs neighbor’s chagrin.

2. Prayer

Sometimes what I really need is to take the focus off me for a while. I find I can get in a rut of “poor me, this didn’t work out” and the best way to take the attention off me is to pray. It doesn’t immediately fix the problem, but it fixes my constant focus on it which is usually the underlying issue anyway.

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3. Planning a quirky outing

Been to a civil war reenactment? Check. Gone apple picking? Check. Gone whale watching? Check. Instead of sticking to the usual ideas for getting out and about, I find that planning something that catches my interest and teaches me something new is a great way to get out of a slump. For instance, I learned how not to pick an apple only after I had shaken a half dozen of them down onto my husband’s head.

4. Starting a new project

Though many people go the artsy route and find inspiration on Pinterest for projects, I personally love crocheting something. If you’re like me, crocheting also provides the added bonus of stopping to untangle your yarn halfway through while muttering emphatically about its quality.

5. Reading a book

Maybe this one is a bit cliché, but sometimes it helps to escape into another world. After spending 2 hours with Harry Potter, my life isn’t looking too bad, though I wish I had his wand!

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Mama’s Final Gift

Friday, July 30th, 2021

This year, I will observe Mother’s Day without my own mother for the first time. I am still dealing with the emotions of watching her slip away and being helpless to stop the process. I’m sure I’ll be doing so for a long time.

My mother left me and my sisters free to deal with our loss by several decisions that she made years ago. I offer this information in an effort to share the importance of the difference that those decisions made.

  1. First, my mother purchased a funeral plan years ago. She had the policy and made sure all of us knew that it existed. It covered her funeral and cremation and almost all of the expenses. We had a final bill of just over $300.00 for a few incidentals that we elected to have. Everything else was covered: the casket for the funeral service, transporting her and preparing her for the service, the chapel, all of it.
  2. Second, she told all of us what she wanted: the songs she wanted to be played, the color she wanted to wear, all of the little details that can tear a family apart at such a time. She made sure that there would be no question about her final wishes, so no conflict about her service.
  3. Third, she prepared a power of attorney so that her affairs could be handled when she became incapacitated by failing vision and Alzheimer’s. Her bills got paid on time and she always had what she needed, because she provided the means for things to be done.
  4. Fourth, she left her health care wishes documented. She had a Living Will and Advanced Directive in place and a Do Not Resuscitate order on file. She told all of us repeatedly what she did and didn’t want. Long before dementia set in, she insisted we all know her feelings. As hard as it was to have those conversations over the years and to let her go when the situation became hopeless, we all knew that it was what she wanted and we abided by her wishes.

Because of her foresight and consideration, we were able to focus on her. Her clarity in advance of the need freed us to follow her wishes without dissension. This doesn’t mean we don’t hurt. We do hurt, and deeply. But we didn’t have any arguments about how things should be done because we knew exactly how she wanted them done.

Her planning worked because of two key factors. The first was her disclosure of those plans to all four of us. The second was our desire to see her final wishes fulfilled. I’ve been in situations where disclosure was incomplete or egos got in the way. Those conditions make a difficult and painful experience even harder.

I thank God for my mother’s planning and my sisters’ support of her plans. Because of those things, we were able to say our temporary goodbyes without rancor or dissension. Our last earthly memories of her are untarnished by anger or bitterness. Thanks, Mama, for your final gift to us.

We are all of us stars, and we deserve to twinkle.