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Four Ways to Find Your True Inner Beauty

Sunday, October 3rd, 2021

Living in today’s society full of glitz and glamour, it’s so easy to get caught up in this world that does not equal reality. So many people are focused on outer beauty rather than inner beauty. Have you ever met a person that glows and is genuinely a beautiful person inside-out? This is the key. Tapping into your inner self and finding the inner beauty that has always been there.

 Inner Beauty

Change your eyes

Yes, that’s it – I want you to change your eyes. When you look in the mirror, no longer say anything harmful and degrading things about your body. Do not look at your outer self, but spend a few minutes each day looking deep into your eyes – the windows into your soul. What do you see? I guarantee you see a beautiful, strong, compassionate, nurturing woman. Change your eyes from hate to love.

Change your ears

Change the things your subject yourself to. The friend, who is always negative; complaining about the food service, job, husband and children, let him/her go. You deserve friends who are uplifting and inspiring, not draining and exhausting. If you have a family member who always wants to vent about their bad day and never cares to reciprocate the listening ear, then let him/her go. Be firm and let the person know that you prefer to talk about something else or change the subject. No one wants to constantly be around a Debbie Downer.

Remember what goes in (your ears), comes out (your mouth).

Change your attitude

If you fall into a period of being lethargic or crabby, make sure to adjust your attitude. You can watch a cheesy comedy or call your comedic friend. Find something to make you laugh and feel better. Remember when you are feeling inactive is the time you need to become proactive. Get out and about. Go to the movies, bowling, Dave and Busters, or simply for a walk. You can also create a positive board which is full of pictures and quotes that can lift you out of our funky mood.

Change your life

If you find yourself becoming a home body, then get out more. The more you’re connected with the beauty around you, the more you will find beautiful about yourself. According to the book “A New Earth” the author describes coming to a spiritual awakening period when you connect with your true self. Learning to live in the moment and cherish each moment can bring about much need change and personal growth. You will start to view the person you are, rather than the person as you appear to be.