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Dr. Phil’s Contribution to Our Society

Monday, August 2nd, 2021


Sweep it under the carpet!

Dr. PhilSweeping our problems under the carpet has always been the way our society operates but now that we have a psychologist like Dr. Phil who chooses to help troubled, abused, drug-addicted people right on his show, it has opened up doors for millions.

Millions of troubled folk watch the Dr. Phil show and can identify with those that he counsels! A problem first has to be brought to light before anything can be done, and Dr. Phil’s show brings these problems to light for all to see.

Is Dr. Phil in it just for the money?

I do not believe that he cares at all about the money! I can feel and see the compassion he has for those individuals that he counsels. Yes, there are times when he has to be harsh just to make sure a person is not just on his show to get famous. He also needs to make sure that his guests are serious about getting help!

After all, Dr. Phil is spending thousands of dollars to get his guests the specialized counseling they need. His loyal and devoted professional staff screen people who call in or write Dr. Phil to get help and they try very hard to make sure the person is not faking just to get on TV. They pick people who need the most help first.

Where would we be today?

Dr. Phil not only helps the people on his program but he also makes his audience and TV viewers feel empowered to be the best they can be! Not only that but when a troubled viewer watches his program they realize that they are not alone which frees them to get the help they need.

If there had been a program when I was young like “The Dr. Phil Program” I would not be struggling to make ends meet like I am today. I would have been given the confidence to get a college education and do so much more with my skills and talents. I don’t mind having to split wood to keep my home warm but at the of age 65, I sure can find better ways of using my time. Not only that but I have pain in both of my elbows along with hip and back pain.

There is nothing wrong with spending all your time just trying to survive but if I would have been given the proper advice when I was in my youth I would have had more time for volunteering and helping others. With TV programs that offer advice and empowerment, our society can advance to a more civilized and humane state.

I wasted many years in abusive relationships that got me nowhere in life. Had there been a program like Dr. Phil when I was young I would not have to live with all the regrets of a wasted life. Not only that but my children would not have had to suffer as a result of my abusive relationships!

Even my husband Bob would have benefited from a program like Dr. Phil when he was growing up. He started working with his alcoholic and abusive dad at age nine. His parents never thought that maybe he should go to college. Due to the abuse, Bob retaliated by partying heavily and did not care about getting a better education or developing his talents and skills! Working at a manual labor job can be quite rewarding if your body can last until retirement age!!

However, our body wears old long before our brain wears out. Bob has lumps at the bottom of his feet, extreme pain in his hands and wrist, shoulder pain, and back pain. He has to quit his job at age 58 due to pain and the doctor won’t help him get unemployment benefits. We went that route 2 years ago and nothing was accomplished except for a big medical co-payment bill that took us two years to pay.

Therefore, we have to give up our country home and move to my 93-year-old city home so that Bob can quit his job because the property taxes are 10 times higher out here. Not only that but the chain saw that Bob uses is getting too heavy and hurting his back. If there had been a Dr. Phil program when Bob was growing up he would have gotten the help he needed with his abusive Dad.

I am sure that Bob would have also thought about getting a better education so that he would not have to work at a manual labor job his entire life. He is very talented in the field of art and I know if self-esteem was a part of our culture back then like it is today Bob would have gotten a better education and job.

You see it was Dr. Phil who made public the issue of self-esteem along with how to overcome addictions and even how to forgive your abusive parent. It is due to his program that many issues in our society have been brought to light and dealt with.

I never heard of self-esteem or self-worth when I was young and neither did Bob. Just that one factor alone would have made a world of difference to both of us.

Bob and I are touched to the point of tears

When we watch the Dr. Phil show there are many times when we can’t help but cry! Sometimes it is because we identify so strongly with the troubled person he is trying to help and other times it is tears of joy because we feel so thankful that a man like Dr. Phil has devoted his life to helping others.